Hi, I'm Angus!

I'm a Software Engineer and Manager based in Los Angeles, CA. I specialize in Full Stack Web App Development taking extra care to provide the best solution to his customers problems, whether they are internal or external.

As a Manager, I focus on building and maintaining teams of talented engineers that are passionate about growth, learning and self-reliance. I strive to create a culture of collaboration and trust.

Feel free to check out my resume, read some of my posts, or learn more about me below.

My years of experience in the industry has seen me work on several different recognizeable properties and projects, including South Park Studios, Toyota, and The Walt Disney Company. I've also spent time in the trenches of smaller startups such as DogVacay and Rex Homes. I've been both an individual contributor on large teams, and a leader building and managing my own team.

When I'm not coding the day away, I'm advocate for sharing my experience and knowledge, to pay forward all those that helped me in my career growth. Working with JS.LA, I help organize community events, and mentor and coach my peers whenever he gets the chance.

When I finally put the laptop away, you can find me strumming away on one of my many guitars that, I've has been told on many times, take up way too much space in his home. That our trying to teach myself drums too!

Recent Posts

Death to Legacy Code

We've all come across Legacy Code at least once in our career. How do you deal with this mess? I don't have a perfect solution, but I have one that worked for me and my company.

Feb. 13th, 2021

10 min read