Angus Perkerson

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A Software Engineer and Manager, specializing in full stack development who focuses on understanding the customer’s problems and delivering the best solution for their needs.


JavaScript, Node.js, Python, PHP, Java‌‌HTML, CSS/SASS, PostCSS, CSS-in-JS, Git‌‌React, AngularJS, Nginx, Webpack, Rollup, Gulp


REX Inc. - Engineering Manager | Aug 2020 - Nov 2021

Engineering Manager leading the Consumer Products team of 8 engineers developing all customer facing products. Responsibilities include working with the design and product leads to architect features and solutions. Responsible also for mentoring and training teammates and interns.

  • Introduce Testing Frameworks Jest and, increasing app reliability and developer productivity.
  • Implement Automation tooling including Semantic Release and Conventional Commits, increasing developer productivity and release reliability.
  • Manage and maintain the development of our mobile app, increasing user engagement with our brand.
  • Develop our CI/CD pipeline, increasing developer productivity and application reliability.
  • Implement documentation and agile processes to increase QA, Design, and Engineer productivity and teamwork.

REX Inc. - Sr. Software Manager | Mar 2017 - Aug 2020

Engineer #5 and first Full Stack Engineer working in JavaScript, (React and Node.js), Python, and Java. Developing all customer facing applications and products.

Major Projects included:

  • Migrating from AngularJS to React, improving SEO and site load times by 4 seconds
  • Developing custom UI component library, reducing feature delivery time by 30%.
  • Launch new customer tools including User Dashboard, increasing user engagement and satisfaction.
  • Introduce modern standards and practices for development, such as code styling, linting, and ES6 Modules, increasing developer productivity and reducing time to deliver.

DogVacay, Inc. - Sr. Front End Engineer | June 2015 - May 2017

A Front-End/Full Stack Engineer developing in PHP, JavaScript, CSS/Sass, and the Backbone library. Major projects included modernizing code base to gulp with Browserify, and ES6 with Babel. Also, researched and implemented new front-end guidelines and best practices. Was main developer for rewriting and modernizing the core features such as Host Signup, Bookings, and Customer Messaging.

iCrossing, Inc. - Sr. UI Engineer | July 2013 - June 2015

A Front End Programmer mostly working in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS/Sass. Large Contributor in building UI Development environments and workflows. Responsible for researching and introducing the team to new and effective technology. Developed the following projects with team members across national offices, offshore contractors, and third party agencies. Projects included Responsive Redesign and National Geographic Petsmart Campaign Site (Omma Award for Website Excellence).

South Park Digital Studios - Programmer | May 2008 - July 2013

Part of a 10 person team responsible for the development of South Park’s online presence. Personally responsible for front end engineering, working in PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript and MySQL.


Georgia Institute of Technology

B.S. in Computational Media - Fall 2007‌‌


Co-Organizer and Mentor for  JS.LA‌‌ and Mentor for Nodeschool - Los Angeles